​CT Parts and Assemblies
  • Controls
  • Inverters

  1. Medical Systems Technologies offers depot repair for medical imaging equipment, with an emphasis on MRI  and CT parts and sub-assemblies. Minimizing your MRI equipment cost is our priority

Systems and part level technical support for your MRI machine is available 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain time.  Call us at 720-340-4593

MRI assemblies and parts

  • Gradient Amplifiers
    • ACGD, SGA, HFA, SGD, Quantum, Papillion, XL, XXL, Popeye, etc.
  • Gradient Power Supplies
    • Analogic, GE, Techron, Siemens, etc
  • RF Amplifiers (Solid state and tube types)
    • Analogic, Erbtec, Colorado Med Tech, HEI, MKS, Siemens, Tele, etc.
  • Support Electronics
    • SSM, Driver Modules, Pin Drivers, MSHS,
      Transmitters, Receivers, Hybrid Splitters, Preamplifiers,, TALES, Body Tune Boxes, CODIBOX, CODIMUX, Coil Interface, etc.​  

RF Amplifier Repair​

"It's About The Patient"

Medical Systems Technologies offers flat rate pricing

Call us, we will provide a quote or Repair Order number for you.